Behind the scenes at: Hoxton’s Classic Car Club

Who needs to own a vintage car, when you could rent a different one every weekend, without the hassle of maintenance?


Located in the heart of Hoxton and run by husband and wife team, Nigel and Dinah Case, Classic Car Club offers a select group of members a fleet of lovingly maintained classic cars.

Alongside the obvious favourites, such as Jaguar E-Types, there are lots of quirkier, less flashy choices. ‘Most of our members start out requesting the Jaguars and Mercedes, but they keep coming back for humble models like the Fiat 500 and Volvo Amazon Kombi because they are such great fun to drive’ says Nigel.

Classic Car Club Hoxton - E-Type
Classic Car Club Hoxton - E-Type

He bought the club after signing up as an inaugural member (he met the original owners, Dave and Phil Kavanagh, when he shot them for a magazine article in the 90s). 'I loved the cars and the concept, and started working with the guys helping them with their photography and marketing'.

When the brothers decided to move on to other things I leapt at the chance of taking over. Phil is still involved with the New York branch of CCC and we often get together for a beer and reminisce’ says Nigel.

Is there a typical member? ‘Not really. Our members are a real mixture - people who have owned lots of classic cars over the years right through to car virgins who love the look and feel of old cars but feel daunted by the prospect of the upkeep.’

Classic Car Club Hoxton

Nigel is passionate about the local area: ‘It’s great being in Hoxton because we’re right in the thick of a really creative community full of people who love the aesthetic of what we do. There’s a great buzz here, just as Carnaby Street was in the swinging sixties when our cars were new!’

The club is also available for hire as an events space, and CCC run driving experiences and corporate days out, working with brands such as Belstaff, Shoreditch House and Jo Malone.

Private membership ranges between £1,500 - £5,500 for a year, and the club is currently at capacity, with 200 active members, although there is a waiting list.

If there’s one thing the members have in common it’s ‘an appreciation of the ‘analogue’ world!’ says Case. Although we’re betting even committed futurists would be converted after taking a spin in one of their beautiful models.