Interiors trend: Unfinished business

In contrast to the perfect finishes, hi-gloss and super shiny brass that were ubiquitous last year, the next big thing is deconstructed luxe

Think open ducting, exposed brickwork, the use of cement and plaster finishes and the pairing of metals with raw, natural materials such as wood and clay. This first-fix aesthetic combines relaxed rough edges with edgy industrialism.

Rabih Hage, the architect and interior designer who coined the phrase ‘rough luxe’ says: ‘Beauty is not about perfection. It’s not important’.

Everyday materials such as cork, plywood and chipboard are gaining popularity, springing up in cutting edge shop-fits and homes around the world according to Victoria Redshaw of UK based trend forecasting company Scarlet Opus.

She says: ‘These are materials that flaunt their imperfections and irregularities. Their beauty is their rawness, which gives an air of modesty and honesty that feels right for now. There’s a lot of exciting product development using these materials, from cork furniture and flooring to chipboard kitchen cupboards and faux concrete wallcoverings.’


For a fast way to buy into the look, head to Swedish Wallpaper experts Mr Perswall the go-to specialist for wall murals with a bewildering choice of copper, concrete, plywood, peeling paint and plaster.

Their ‘Ageing with Beauty’ tin-tile mural inspires an appreciation of the patina of time and texture, and is perfect for a large space.