Shoptalk with menswear maestro, Mr. Start

We caught up with the man behind one of Shoreditch’s best known fashion brands.

Just up the road from Space Station you’ll find one of Shoreditch’s best known shops – Mr. Start. Full of beautifully designed menswear, it’s run by Phillip Start, founder of Woodhouse and lover of the sharpest clothing. We caught up with the man himself to find out what it’s like to run a boutique brand in the heart of Shoreditch.

Mr Start Shoreditch


What do you love about the Shoreditch area?

It’s like a village, despite being in the middle of London. I’ve lived in West London most of my life, which I love, but the whole feel is different here. It’s constantly changing and moving, with a rich history that is totally unique. But despite the constant development and shifting character, there’s a strong sense of community. Some people complain about the development, the hotels and the fact that it’s becoming a tourist place, but I don’t feel nostalgic for the past. Having had a shop here for the past twenty years, I understand that it’s important to embrace change.

Mr Start Shoreditch


What are your bestsellers?

Our shirts, which are well-made and good value. We’re also known for our tailoring and knitwear.

Mr Start Shoreditch


Who is your customer?

Someone creative who likes to dress well. He might be 18 or 70. We don’t overthink it. People get to know us and keep coming back. We don’t sell through concessions, so the shop is the only place to come to in London if you want to buy Mr.Start.