All you need to know about: Songkick

Each month, we profile a local tech business. First up, Shoreditch’s very own concert ticket wizards


What do they do?

Help music fans watch the bands they love. Their online platform lets you track your favourite bands, create ticket notifications and get updates on ticket sales before they sell out. It’s all about getting more people to more gigs.

Who’s behind the business?

Songkick was set up in 2007 by Ian Hogarth, Michelle You and Pete Smith. The company recently joined forces with CrowdSurge to get even more input from artists and musicians.

Show me the stats

Over 12 million monthly users. Tickets sold for 10,000 gigs and concerts a year. Working with 500 of the world’s best performers.

Extra features

The site not only lets you check up on current musicians, you can also search past artists. Did you know that Jimi Hendrix played 219 previous concerts, 19 of which were in New York?

What next?

Carry on helping people watch their favourite music live. If Songkick had their way, every gig in the world would be a sell out.

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